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Ford County

Ford County 4-H Foundation

Board Members:

Lisa Rumbaugh, Chairwoman

Julie Pinkerton, Vice-Chairwoman

Jeannie Durler, Secretary

Jacci Roesener, Treasurer

Alan Eaton

Janell Robertson

2024 Scholarship Information

2024 Scholarship Letter

2024 Scholarship Application

2024 Ford County 4-H Foundation Scholarships

The Ford County 4-H Foundation offers several scholarships each year for current 4-H members and 4-H alumni. These scholarships are made possible through memorials left by various supporters of 4-H. Scholarships typically range between $600 to $2,000, assisting students with college financial expenses.

Foundation members look at the 4-Her's involvement in 4-H (i.e. project work, club activities, county-wide programs state programs, livestock shows and judging contests). They also review an applicant's 4-H leadership and citizenship, as well. 

Winners of the 2022 Ford County 4-H Foundation Scholarships are:

  • Jean Zimmer Memorial Scholarship
  • Larry & Nathan Martin Memorial Scholarship
  • Nicholson Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Ford County 4-H Foundation Scholarship*
  • Paul Glenn Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Nobuko Nicholson Memorial Scholarship
  • Myron Nicholson Memorial Scholarhsip
  • Belle & Danny Hahn Memorial Scholarship

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How will your support benefit 4-H members in Ford County?

It takes dollars and cents to operate a youth program like 4-H. Donations help support...

  • Educational Trips
  • College Scholarships
  • 4-H Camp Support
  • 4-H Conference Support
  • 4-H School Enrichment Programs
  • Other Awards Used to Recognize Youth and Encourage Hard Work
  • 4-H Leader Trainings and Recognition Programs
  • 4-H Promotional Project


Scholarships Awarded