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Ford County

The Myron Nicholson Memorial Scholarship

Since 2011, the Ford County 4-H Foundation has awarded the Myron Nicholson Memorial Scholarship to 4-Hers excelling in agricultural project work. As a local farmer, rancher and agricultural entrepreneur, Myron Nicholson believed that through 4-H programming youth learn responsibilities, along with practical knowledge and skills.

As active members of the Richland Boosters 4-H Club, of Dodge City, the Myron and his wife Nobuko, volunteered for numerous activities participated in by his children Charles and Deketa. But his support of local Extension and 4-H programs did not stop there. Myron served on the Ford County Extension Executive Board and Community Development Boards, as well as the Ford County Fair Board. He believed that through 4-H and Extension programing, both adults and youth can grow together as a family unit.