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Ford County

Let's Get Back to Camp

We know the past year has been tough, and we have planned an awesome summer to make up for it! Campers will enjoy breathing fresh air and making new friends at all of our camps!

We’ve got several opportunities for both 4-Hers and non-4-Hers to enjoy camp:


Day Camp (Open to Public)

4-Clover Camp (4-H Members Only)

Campference (4-H Members Only)


Camp Payment Policy

For any camp registration, online or in office, full payment is due to the Extension Office by the sign-up deadline (unless a written payment agreement is made between the Extension Office and the participant). Failing to meet those requirements, registration will be canceled and participant will be responsible for the $25 cancellation fee and possible registration costs based upon camp guidelines.

For any camp registration, payment arrangements can be made in writing with the Ford County Extension Office to set up a payment schedule. Full payment is due by the registration deadline.


Transportation Fee

A transportation fee of $10 per participant will be added to camp fees for trips that require travel, by vehicle provided by the Ford County Extension Office, outside of Ford County.


Scholarships are available. The application process is simple and straightforward.

Blake Stanley Memorial Scholarship


Scroggins Scholarship

All 4-Hers of Ford and Gray County have the opportunity to apply for the Scroggins State 4-H Camp/Event Scholarship. Campers wishing to attend a state 4-H camp are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The number and amount of awards will be determined by the individual county, with consideration to existing support, participation and county need. Selection will be based on expressed need. No more than one scholarship may be received per 4-Her per 4-H year. 

Scroggins Camp Scholarship Agreement

Scroggins Camp Scholarship form