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4-H Leader's Toolbox

Organizing a meeting kit is one of the best ways a club leader can save time and be prepared for an upcoming 4-H club meeting. The links and information included in this 4-H Leader's Toolbox are helpful items have.


Putting a Meeting Together

Putting together an engaging 4-H meeting is like putting together an interesting puzzle. All 4-H meetings have three components Business, Group Building and Educational. Consider the time of year and upcoming events when creating your meeting plan, but each meeting should have all three components. The way people work together during a meeting, is the important part.  Use The Puzzle: Putting a Meeting Together publication to assist you.


Ages and Stages

As a leader you will be working with 4-H members. You can have an important role in helping 4-H members grow and develop. Start where members are in their development and encourage them to grow physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally. Remember, 4-H club or project group members will develop at their own pace, but there are some characteristics that each age group may share. These characteristics and their implications for you, as a volunteer, may be helpful to consider in planning a project group or club activity. Check out Ages and Stages of 4-H Youth Development for more information.

A Guide to Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary procedure is one of the most vital aspects of a business meeting. Using it correctly makes the meeting run more smoothly and quickly and helps members follow along.


4-H Club Meeting Agenda


Creative Roll Call Ideas

Energize the club meeting from the start by asking a creative roll call question. This will set the mood for a fun, engaging meeting where all members have an opportunity to speak and share.

Creative Ideas to Enhance Your Meetings

Use these ideas to enhance 4-H club meetings. Many can be adapted to virtual meetings.