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Welcome to Ford County


Welcome to Ford County Extension! Our programs present useful information related to Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences, Horticulture, 4-H & Youth Development, EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program)Family LifeHealthy Living & Much More.


Conservation Funding for Farmers and Ranchers Available

Kansas Forest Service Helps with Forest Health Management through EQIP

Farmers and ranchers interested in funding to help with the cost of implementing conservation practices in 2019 that provide environmental benefits have until December 21, 2018 to apply. Read more.

As Corn and Wheat Prices Drop, Farmers Look to Alternative Crops

Field Peas, Cover Crops and Winter Canola are Among Top Choices

With precipitous drops in the price of corn, wheat and other crops traditionally grown in Kansas, some of the state's farmers seek alternative growing options. In parts of western Kansas, growers are converting some acres to field peas and winter canola, according to Clint Cain, crop production agent and director of the Golden Prairie Extension District, comprised of Trego, Gove and Logan Counties. Read more.

Picky Poinsettias? Not Really, an Expert Says

The Festive Plants DO like It Cool

Nothing says winter holidays like a colorful poinsettia. A Kansas State University specialist says it's not hard to keep them looking healthy and bright through the season. "Modern poinsettia varieties stay attractive for a long time if given proper care," said Ward Upham, Master Gardener coordinator with K-State Research and Extension. Read more.


Christmas Fantasies Flyer


flyer for December Knowledge at Noon