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Welcome to Ford County

Ford County Government Center


Welcome to Ford County Extension! Our programs present useful information related to Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences, Horticulture, 4-H & Youth Development, EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program)Family LifeHealthy Living & Much More.


Mole Control

Though moles spend most of their time underground, the damage they cause above ground is all too visible. Meandering paths of upheaved soil are evidence of the small mammals foraging for food. Even though moles do not feed on plant matter, they can still cause damage by disturbing roots and uprooting small plants. Read more

Controlling Grassy Sandburs

Grassy sandbur is the "sticker" plant that looks like a grass. It will often invade thin lawns, especially in dry years. Therefore, the best control for this weed is a think, healthy lawn. Read more.

Dicamba Training Required for 2018

As we embark on the 2018 growing season, producers should be aware that dicamba herbicides Engenia, FeXapan, and XtendiMax are classified as Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs). Read more.



Walk Kansas in Ford County

K-State Research and Extension's Walk Kansas Program will begin March 18, 2018. Locally in Ford County, captain packets are available from the Ford County Extension Office or you can enroll online at www.walkkansasonline.org. Read more.

Tractor Safety

It's time to register for the multi-county Tractor Safety Operator's Course that will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2018 on the Dodge City Community College Campus. The purpose of this course is to provide teenagers with an appreciation and awareness of the needed safety practices around tractors and farm machinery. The law requires any young person, ages 14 to 16 who will be employed by someone other than his or her mother or father on the farm is required to complete a certification course. Read more.

Brain Health Updates

K-State Research and Extension is partnering with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Alzheimer's Association to provide a Brain Health Update, for all interested community partners, on May 18 in Garden City. There is NO cost to attend; lunch and materials are being provided by our wonderful partners! Read more.