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Ford County

Kansas Lawns and Gardens

Kansas is a unique state when it comes to growing turfgrass. The state has hot summers and cold winters, along with a variety of soils and rainfall averages. Kansas is centrally located on the transition of North America where both warm- and cool-season grasses grow. Warm-season grows best during the summer, while cool-season grass grows best during the spring and fall. For these reasons, Kansans have a complicated job fitting the right turf to an area.

The Ford County K-State Research & Extension Office is your front door to the resources of K-State University. Through our office, you can obtain information on trees, turf, shrubs, insect, gardens and other related topics. We also provide services such as insect identification, plant identification and soil tests with fertilizer recommendations.

Horticultural Stats

Annual Avg. Temp.


Annual Avg. Days of Sunshine

256 Days

Annual Avg. Rainfall


Avg. First Frost Date

October 20

Avg. Last Frost Date

April 25

Avg. Number of Days Frost Free

180 Days

The Right Plants and Flowers

Kansas Prairie Star Flowers
Prairie Bloom Perennial Flowers

Horticultural Web Sites

K-State Horticulture Center

Pest of the Week

Common Plant/Pest Problems