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Ford County

What is the Tractor Safety Operators Course?

tractorWhen the weather warms up and the school year begins to wrap up, many teenagers in the area begin thinking about summer employment. In many cases in Southwest Kansas, that may be working on a farm. The purpose of this course is to provide teenagers with a fuller appreciation and awareness of the needed safety practices around tractors and farm machinery.

What's Covered at Tractor Safety?

Topics include:

  • Instrument and Controls Identification and Instruction
  • PTO and Hydraulics
  • Maintenance
  • Safety Checks
  • Presentation on Fire Safety
  • Presentation on Public Road Safety
  • Presentation on Anhydrous Ammonia Usage and Safety

Who Can Participate? What's the Law?

The law requires any young person, ages 14 to 16, who will be employed to someone other than his or her mother or father, on the farm, to complete a certification course. Any teenager, regardless of age, is encouraged to participate. Those that are 14 will receive an operator's permit upon completion of the requirements of the course. Those over 16 do not need a certificate, but are encouraged to participate.

Where do I Register?

tractor safety flyer

Tractor Safety Registration Form

4-H Participation Form

Both the Registration and 4-H Paricipation Forms need to be completed and submitted.

Students must attend all day of the course for the training and final test.

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