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Traceability for Livestock Moved Interstate

This rule, effective March 1, 2013 establishes minimum national official identification and documentation requirements for the traceability of livestock. Animals moved interstate, unless otherwise exempt, must be officially identified and accompanied by an interstate certificate of veterinary inspection (ICVI).

Always check with the receiving state for their import requirements when exporting livestock out of Kansas.

Official ID Requirements

Official identification is required for the following cattle:

  • All sexually intact beef cattle 18 months of age or over.
  • All dairy cattle of any age.
  • All cattle used for rodeo, recreation, show or exhibition.

Acceptable forms of identification:

  • Official eartags: metal or 840-compliant (RFID or visual).
  • Official USDA backtags for cattle moving direct or slaughter.
  • Registered breed tattoos when accompanied by certificate.

Exempted from official identification requirements when:

  • Moved under a commuter herd agreement.

  • Moved interstate directly on an approved tagging site and officially identified before commingling with cattle from other premises. Backtags may be used while unloading to ensure the identity of the animals is maintained until permanently tagged and correlated with the owner or shipper of the livestock.

  • Moved directly to a recognized slaughtering establishment or directly to no more than one approved livestock facility and then directly to a recognized slaughtering establishment, where they are harvested within 3 days of arrival; and

  • Moved interstate with a USDA-approved backtag; or a USDA-approved backtag is applied to the cattle at the recognized slaughtering establishment or approved livestock facility.

Documentation Requirements

Cattle moved interstate must be accompanied by an ICVI unless:

  • Moved directly to a recognized slaughtering establishment, or directly to an approved livestock facility and then directly to a recognized slaughtering establishment, and are accompanied by an owner-shipper statement.
  • Moved directly to an approved livestock facility with an owner-shipper statement and do not move interstate from the facility unless accompanied by an ICVI.
  • Moved as a commuter herd.
  • Moved from farm of origin for vet exam or treatment and back.

The official ID number must be recorded on the ICVI unless:

  • Moved from an approved livestock facility directly to a recognized slaughtering establishment.
  • The cattle are sexually intact under 18 months of age, or steers or spayed heifers. This exception does not apply to female sexually intact dairy cattle of any age or to cattle used for rodeo, exhibition, or recreational purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

See Frequently Asked Questions about animal disease traceability.

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