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Ford County

Fair Thank You's Required

Because each and every one of our sponsors are very special and deserve special recognition, the Ford County Fair Board requires all 4-H'ers to turn in stamped and addressed thank-you's before any premium monies are given. Thank you's for the Fair Board, Extension Office, Ford County 4-H Foundation or 4-H Council do not need postage put on them.

As in the past, 4-H'ers will NOT receive their checks the night of the premium sale. Each 4-H'er will receive a letter in the mail a few weeks after the Fair with a list of who they need to write thank you's to. This takes time to get everything determined correctly. Please be patient. You can write thank you notes and then address the to specific sponsors after you receive your letter.

To receive your premium check, you must bring in stamped and addressed thank you's to the Ford County Extension Office. Thank you's should be written for any trophies, showmanship money, special awards and anything else that a 4-H'er won. Clubs and/or families can also do a thank you for general donations together instead of each 4-H'er writing one separately. Please let the Extension Office know if your club or family does this.

We have special thank you's that will need to be signed the night of Fair Set-Up and Clean-Up that will cover general donations which pertain to everyone (for example Victory Electric). If you are not sure if a thank you is needed, contact the Extension Office. Our sponsors are invaluable - show your appreciation!