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Ford County Extension Appreciation Award

The Extension Council Appreciation Award is presented to an individual, couple or organization who has given a considerable amount of extra effort in support of the Extension Council education programs. In many cases their hard work and dedication has lightened the load for the Extension Service personnel, in addition to making the Extension Councils efforts more effective. The success of Extension programs depends on the unselfish energy of such people who have spent considerable time supporting our endeavors for no monetary rewards. Their service and support are greatly appreciated.


2020 Extension Appreciation Award Winners


John & Marsha Smithhisler

The 2020 recipients of the Ford County Extension Appreciation Award was presented to John and Marsha Smithhisler of Dodge City at the Annual Meeting on November 13th.

John Smithhisler became a member of the Ford County Extension Executive Board in 2013 having been elected as member of the Community Vitality Program Development Committee (PDC). During his three years as Chairperson, John became a champion for Extension and one of our biggest promoters. It was not unusual to get a phone call from a client that said “John Smithhisler told me I should call you guys.” John learned about all the services that Extension had to offer, such as crochet patterns, foods questions, horticulture advice - specifically on keeping his office plants alive and assisting farmers with the Farm Bill. John was key in working with the Ford County Administrator for funding issues while he was chair.

Prior to his retirement in September, John worked for Fidelity State Bank for just over 20 years and Marsha as an office professional for Sacred Heart School. Marsha was a supporter of the Extension programs and the work we do in the schools, especially Sacred Heart. From sunflower presentations every spring to nutrition classes, to National 4-H Week presentations in October, Marsha always greeted us with a smile and a kind word!

John and Marsha also graciously presented a program on Hawaii to 4 Clover Campers and have helped promote all Extension events in Ford County. They have three grown children. Best wishes to both of you in your retirement and thank you!

The Ford County Extension Council is honored to recognize John and Marsha Smithhisler for their support of Extension. We appreciate their dedication and support of the work we do in Ford County. 


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