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Ford County

4-H Add/Drop Date is May 1st

What does add/drop a project mean?

When you completed your enrollment on the KS.4Honline website, you selected a project to be "enrolled in for this 4-H Year." This means you are planning to explore/participate/learn about this project and possibly enter something in the fair for that project area. May 1st is your last day to either ADD another project you would like to participate in or DROP a project you already signed up for that you are not interested in anymore. We encourage you to take something for each project that you are enrolled in to the fair; however, it is not required.

If you don't remember what you signed up for, just go to the KS.4Honline website and check. You can then either add or drop projects. After May 1st, you will not be able to make changes as that part of the enrollment process will be closed. If you have any questions, please call us [620-227-4542] - we'd love to help you!