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Ford County

Kansas State Fair Market Wheat Show Results

The "Wheat State" was showcased very well at the 2017 Kansas State Fair Market Wheat Show. Wheat samples were collected across the state and were then analyzed by the Kansas Grain Inspection Service and tabulated by local Extension agents. Points were awarded for milling and baking quality (determined by variety characteristics), test weight, protein content, dockage and the number of shrunken and broken kernels.

The winners are as follows:


Class #1 All Hard White Varieties:

1st Place: Kenneth Gerstberger, Leoti

2nd Place: Melvin Hair, Brownell

3rd Place: J. Frank Mages, Spearville

4th Place: Melvin Hair, Brownell

5th Place: Robbie Yost and Paul Yost, Montezuma

Class #2 All Hard Red Wheat Blends:

1st Place: James Jensby, Belleville

2nd Place: Royden Derstein, Ford

3rd Place: Derstein Brothers - Jeremy Derstein, Ford

4th Place: Janet Williams, Offerle

5th Place: Peggy Zukowske, Belleville

Class #3 All Other Commercial Varieties & Hybrids:

1st Place: Kasen Robinson, Garden City

2nd Place: Leon Dunn, St. John

3rd Place: Meade Farms - Lynn Meade, Lewis

4th Place: Greg Smith, Larned

5th Place: Braden Robinson, Garden City

Class #4 All WestBred/Monsanto Hard Red Wheat Varieties:

1st Place: E & D Farms - Earl Smith, Marenthal

2nd Place: Chris Schneider, Olmitz

3rd Place: Lyle Katz, Kinsley

4th Place: Troy Strnad, Wellington

5th Place: Newell Farms - Lane Newell, Dodge City

Class #5 All KSU Hard Red Wheat Varieties:

1st Place: Brian Dunn, St. John

2nd Place: Leon Dunn, St. John

3rd Place: Maurice Bleumer, Wright

4th Place: Lear Farms, Garden City

5th Place: Phil Dickson, Preston

Class #6 All Other Public Varieties:

1st Place: Fred Newby, Pratt

2nd Place: Kevin Heft, Greensburg

3rd Place: Mark Ketterl, Lewis

4th Place: Gamble Farms - Ki Gamble, Greensburg

5th Place: Lyle Katz, Kinsley


The Grand Champion sample came from Brian Dunn of Stafford County. The Reserve Grand Champion of this year's show was Leon Dunn, also of Stafford County. This show is sponsored by K-State Research and Extension, American Ag Credit, the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM), the Kansas Grain Inspection Service, Kansas Wheat and Monsanto/WestBred.