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Ford County

4-H Forms and Publications

Kansas 4-H Volunteer Service Form (VIP)

Kansas 4-H Volunteer Service Renewal Form (VIP)

Kansas Volunteer Orientation (VIP)

DCF Form, Child Abuse and Neglect (form fillable)

Criminal Background Check

VIP Program

Spanish 4-H Participation form (pdf)

Project Leader Application

Ford County Club Day Entry PDF

Club Day Guidelines

Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application

4-H Scholarship Letter

4-H Scholarship Descriptions

Ford County Scholarship Form (word)

Ford County Scholarship Form (pdf)

Outstanding Ford County 4-H'er Award (PDF)

Community Leader Forms

4-H Club Information Form

Club Seal

4-H Club Treasury Form

Kansas 4-H Volunteer Service Form (VIP)

Kansas 4-H Volunteer Service Renewal Form (VIP)

County Wide Project Leader Application

4-H Alumni Nomination

4-H Meritorious Nomination

Past 4-H Alumni & Meritorious Winners

Family of the Year

Past Family of the Year Winners

Project Forms

Horse Id

Record Book

Cover Page

Personal Page

Ford County Permanent Record

Ford County 4-H Award Portfolio (KAP) 10-18 year olds (Word)

Ford County 4-H Award Profile (KAP) 7-9 year olds (PDF)

Project Financial Record (suggested)

Award Nomination Form (form fillable pdf)

Awards and Recognition Forms

Record Book Helps

July Record Book Tip Sheetnew

June Record Book Tip Sheet

May Record Book Tip Sheet

April Record Books Tip Sheet

4-H Record Books - Purpose

KAP Introduction & General Instructions


4-H Record Book - Project Goals

Sharpening Your 4-H Project Skills by Setting Goals

Variety of Related Project Learning Experiences

Knowledge & Skills Learned in Project

Citizenship vs Leadership

Planning For Leadership Roles

4-H Key Award Information

Hot Sheets